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This is a picture of the staff in the laboratory

The Nell J Redfield Memorial Hospital Laboratory is staffed by a team of specialists who are committed to providing high quality diagnostic services for providers and patients. Our highly dedicated and experienced lab technicians provide quick and accurate results to our patients with the latest diagnostic equipment.

Our Laboratory works with the medical staff and other departments in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. Our lab can provide testing for you no matter where your provider may be located. We work daily with providers from around the region saving patients time, money and travel by providing the testing that your doctors may require. We excel in patient care by not only resulting your lab reports to your ordering physician, but also by calling them directly with all critical values to ensure the best quality care. Extensive testing of control materials ensures that test results are of the highest quality. Over 90% of requested tests are performed in house, reducing delays in reporting results.

We conduct a full range of in-house testing which involves hematology, chemistry, blood banking, microbiology, coagulations, urinalysis, and serology. The Laboratory staff is available 24 hours a day to assist inpatients and Emergency Room patients.

Outpatient Laboratory Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 6:00am - 6:00pm
Weekends: On Call (Make appointment if necessary)

(208) 766-2231 ext. 117

(208) 766-5310


Do I need an appointment to get my blood drawn?
No, unless you need to come in on weekends, holidays, or after hours.

Do I need to fast and for how long for laboratory tests?
In general, only two laboratory tests (glucose and lipids) consistently require a 10-12 hour fast before collection of the blood. Fasting means no food or drink except water.

How do I get my laboratory results?
If you are the patient:

Contact your physician
Access the patient portal on the hospital website
Come directly to the Lab for a copy